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9 Landscaping Trends for 2023

Outdoor spaces are as important as the interiors of your home. By creating stunning landscapes in your yard or garden, you get to enjoy a fun-filled and relaxing outdoors. Surely, you can get everyone excited for the weekends over a backyard barbeque or an arts and crafts activity.

So, here are 9 stunning landscapes you may want to consider when redesigning your outdoor space this year.

Top 9 Landscape Trends in 2023

1. Veggie and Herbs Garden

In recent years, having a vegetable garden has become the trendiest outdoor upgrade in many Aussie homes. 2023 is no different, vegetable and herb gardens continue to top the charts. For one, it is very rejuvenating, especially if you have good-smelling herbs.

Another reason why this type of landscape remains a top pick across the country is the health benefits it provides. Imagine having organic garden salad for breakfast – refreshing and healthy, isn’t it?

Veggie and Herbs Garden

2. Glass Pool Surrounds

Next on the list is installing glass pool surrounds. This has become the latest trend for residential pools not only in Australia but around the globe.

Additionally, many states have implemented more stringent residential pool guidelines that concern the safety of children. One way to comply with this requirement is to install a glass surround that encloses the pool.

Glass Pool Surrounds

3. Structural Curves and Arches

Another landscape trend that many garden experts bank on this year is to add some fluidity to your garden. Some amazing structural designs include arched benches, curvy plant bed borders and round tables, chairs and steps.

This landscaping design is typically applied to smaller gardens that tend to have traditional linear boundaries. However, this can also be a good idea for spacious yards.

Structural Curves and Arches

4. Creating a Connection Between Your Indoors and Outdoors

Many homeowners want to enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of their living rooms. For this reason, a professional landscape expert recommends creating concrete flooring that connects the indoors to your lawn. It may be best to have bi-fold sliding doors to provide seamless connectivity.

Another way to apply a connection between your outdoors and indoors is to install a full glass wall that provides a great view of the garden. This way, you can still enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, no matter the climate.

Creating a Connection Between Your Indoors and Outdoors

5. Cloud Pruning Your Topiary Garden

If your garden is a well-known topiary ensemble, 2023 is the year to upgrade it to cloud pruning.

What is cloud pruning?

It is a popular Japanese style of pruning trees referred to as “niwaki.” The trees, especially the tall ones, are pruned to provide cloud-like structures. This gives your classic topiary garden a new stunning look.

Now, you can provide onlookers and passers-by the opportunity to “lookup.”

Cloud Pruning Your Topiary Garden

6. Tropical Garden Oasis

Another landscaping idea trending this year is adding some tropical touches to your garden. This is sometimes referred to as “returning to the wild” landscape. Some cannas, ferns, caladiums, hibiscus and birds of paradise are good choices when creating your very own tropical garden oasis.

The greeneries provide a rejuvenating ambience, not to mention the fresh cool air that you get to enjoy. A great combination of these tropical plants is a water feature like a fountain, mini pool or aquarium.

Tropical Garden Oasis

7. Green Walls

One of the many ways to create a clean and green landscape is to build green walls. Whether you have a spacious yard or a cozy garden, green walls add a dash of appeal to your property. This is probably one of the easiest to build and maintain.

The best thing about green walls is they live up to their name – they’re eco-friendly. You may use old containers such as water bottles, old pots and other containers that you can repaint, decorate or design. Try matching the recycled pots to the theme or colour of your property to give it added attraction.

Green Walls

8. Kiddie Outdoor Scapes

Generally, outdoor spaces are for kids and kids at heart to find some relaxation and entertainment, especially after a long week of school or work. So it makes a whole lot of sense to create an outdoor space for your kids.

Some great ideas for a kid-friendly landscape are a pool or water slides, some teepees for afternoon tea time, a track building or an open-space art studio. Not only will kids have fun with this landscaping trend, but adults, too.

Kiddie Outdoor Scapes

9. Going Alfresco

Lastly, 2023 calls for more alfresco landscapes. From outdoor living areas to kitchens or picnic corners, other outdoor spaces provide great focal points for your garden. Some of these include an outdoor gym and shower areas for residences with pools and other water features.

Another appealing idea for going alfresco is to have a mini library or entertainment centre. You can also incorporate these features if you have an outdoor connectivity landscape.

Going Alfresco

Which among these 9 trending landscapes is suitable for your needs?

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