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Ferricrete Perth

Ferricrete, also known as “Red driveway gravel “, is a laterite stone product crushed to a size of < 12mm with dust suppression added. Ferricrete is a very popular product used for driveways and pathways in the hills because it is a hard, erosion-resistant crushed sedimentary rock. You will see this product most often used for hard landscaping and road-building projects.

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Ferricrete Kelmscott

Ferricrete is a versatile, easy to use hard-wearing product. It naturally forms an iron-rich hardened layer in the soil resulting in superior compaction qualities. The soil particles are bound together by iron oxides and form an erosion-resistant layer. It requires little effort to create a solid foundation which is why it can be used for a range of domestic and commercial uses such as;

  • Compacting and contouring driveways
  • Laying pathways
  • Hard landscaping
  • Stormwater runoffs

Top Tip-  keep the product moist while compacting to ensure a consistent finish.  

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