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Gravel & Stone Suppliers Perth

Gravel Supplier in Perth

Using stone, gravel and pebbles in your garden brings in elements of natural beauty and they can be used in many ways throughout the garden. Using stone, crushed gravel and bluestone can be used functionally for example to compact a walkway, line a driveway or decorative and create features around your fishpond they create instant visual impacts, are extremely low maintenance and long-lasting.

Front End Loader

Smaller grades sizes are commonly used with other products to make bitumen or as an addition to cement for added strength. Blue metal gravel is a crushed sharp aggregated rock or granite. This blue metal stone is available in various sizes.

Product Benefits

  • Can be added to cement for added strength.
  • Its attractive deep blue-grey colour means it is often used for decorative purposes.

The mid-range size of Blue Metal or granite is often used in concrete premix There are also many specialised applications for Blue Metal and can be used for decorative purposes and often used to create a perched water table on a golf course or oval.

Crushed and size graded granite these large gravels are mostly used for drainage purposes, although you can use this rock as a decorative option too. You will most commonly see them laid underneath train tracks

Used for

  • Drainage purposes, e.g. large tubs and planter boxes.
  • Can be used as a decorative stone.
  • Use as drainage behind retaining walls
  • Backfilling trenches to help with drainage

Road Base is most commonly used in the construction of roads, parking areas, paving substrates, hardstands and footpaths. Once compacted it forms a hard surface with a high level of mechanical strength. Road base is a mixture of Crushed and size graded granite or blue metal stone

Road Base is typically blue to black and when compacted at a reasonable depth, Road Base is characteristically hard-wearing and has high strength capabilities.

Best Used for compacted sub-base under pavements and slabs and perfect for path constructions or for underfill in concreting.

Cracker dust compacts down really well while still allowing sufficient drainage which is why its most commonly used in construction as a paving screed, for pathways, driveways and as a base for artificial lawns. It can also be used in gardening as an organic fertilizer because Cracker dust contains certain minerals that are beneficial to plants.

13mm round, 17mm and 12mm cracked

Cracked pea gravel is unconsolidated rock fragments of red hill gravel. It is regularly used by homeowners and commercial landscapers to line along fences as a decorative stone features or used on driveways and paths.

Advantages of using Pea Gravel

  • They do not degrade over time and facilitates greater water flow.
  • It provides the soil with some protection from the sun
  • A weed mat can be placed underneath to stop the aggregate from mixing with the existing sand
  • Helps to control the weeds
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