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Landscaping Essentials: What Are They?

Landscaping is one of the best ways to add more value to your property. However, it’s not something that everyone gets into because it can be quite intimidating to make such a change for your home. Our tip is that you should focus on what’s essential in landscaping and then build from there.

Many aspects would make a residential or commercial landscaping project amazing. All of these are unachievable without the right tools and items to help you out. If you want to turn your backyard or front yard into something completely different, then here are a few essentials to invest in.

Pruning Shears

Maintaining shrubs and trees is a big part of a landscaping project. The best way to keep them the perfect size is with pruning shears. These are heavy-duty scissors that can easily cut through branches and other hard objects within your landscaping project.

Invest in pruning shears that have a rubberised grip. This is very important so that you can get a good hold when cutting through branches or shrubs that are too hard. Make sure to keep the blades of the pruning shears sharpened at all times as well.

Aside from pruning shears, you should also get loppers. These are pruning shear that is made for hard-to-reach areas. The extended length lets you cut off branches that are way out of your reach.

Pruning Shears

Digging Tools

There are three digging tools that you must have in your arsenal: a spade, trowel, and garden fork. Each of these digging tools serves a different purpose.

  • Spade – used primarily for making easy work of planting, edging, lifting sod, and moving small amounts of dirt from one place to another. One of the tools that you’ll be using most often while landscaping.
  • Trowel – best for transplanting bedding plants, herbs, and other small plants from one area to another.
  • Garden fork – used primarily for digging around dense soil. Digging holes in dense soil is a lot harder to do when using a flat digging tool like a spade. Can also be used to aerate the soil.
Digging Tools


Landscaping projects are beautiful but they can also be messy, especially during particular parts of the year. When the trees dry out, they’ll begin to fall and start to cover your garden with them. A few leaves on the ground isn’t bad but if it starts to cover the grass and the plants, this can be a major problem.

Dried leaves and other debris can blanket your grass. Once this happens, your grass won’t be able to get the sun and the water it needs. Rakes are used to clean off any unwanted debris on your landscaping project.


Hoes are primarily used to chop up weeds and loosen the soil. You can use it for other things as well as this is the most versatile gardening tool there is.

Ideally, you’d want to get one with a wide end so that you can work more efficiently. However, if the garden you’re tending to is small, then it would be best to go for a narrower hoe instead.


These are the most important tools to have in your arsenal in our opinion. Gardening gloves don’t just give you the best grip on what you’ll handle inside your landscaping project, these also help protect your hands.

OX Polyester Lined Nitrile Gloves


Moving around mounds of dirt can be stressful on your back. If you want to make the job easier and to make it safer for your body, invest in a good wheelbarrow.

This will help you move around heavy objects in your garden easily. A lot of people don’t understand just how crucial this tool is – not until their back begins to hurt that is.

Daytek 70ltr Home Builder Wheelbarrow

Preparing for a landscaping project begins with getting the right tools. It doesn’t matter how good your plants or your soil is. If you aren’t well-equipped to tend to your landscaping project, then you can’t expect a good outcome. Good landscaping tools will last you a lifetime so make sure to get only the best quality tools from Mazzega’s Landscaping Supplies.

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