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At Mazzega’s Landscaping Supplies,  we have a huge range of mulches,  barks and organic composts.  You can be assured we have the product for all your gardening requirements.

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A freshly mulched garden always creates an instantly manicured first impression. Laying mulch down in your garden beds promotes plant growth, saves water, provides insulation and prevents the growth of weeds. We have a range of Mulches and Bark to suit every garden setting and aim to make your outdoor space feel like your own botanical garden.


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What is the difference between a soil conditioner and a fertiliser?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions. In short, fertilizers act as food for plants, they improve the health of the plant, increase crop yields and provide essential nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous to the plant. Soil Conditioners do not add nutrients to the soil but rather they improve the texture of the soil so that the plants have a favourable environment in which to establish themselves.

Keen gardeners will know that adding compost to your garden soil is an excellent way to improve soil quality and fertility. Compost is essentially organic matter and acts as a soil conditioner to help return essential nutrients to the soil.

Compost is a natural slow-release fertilizer and isn’t as harsh on your plants as a chemical fertilizer would be. The organic matter in compost stimulates healthy root development in plants and creates an excellent environment for soil microorganisms to do their work. 

If you have areas of heavier clay type soils and then adding compost will help to improve the texture and air circulation of dense clay. The same applies to very sandy soils compost will increase the water retention of airy soils. Compost buffers the soil, neutralizing both acid & alkaline soils, balancing Nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus levels bringing pH levels to an ideal range for plants to thrive.

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At Mazzega’s Landscaping Supplies we can help with all your landscape and garden needs from soil and sand to decorative garden stone or mulch. Our team are passionate about creating spaces that connect with nature and flow effortlessly from you home into the outdoors. We look forward to helping you make the garden one of your most-loved spaces.

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