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Brickies Sand


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Product Description

  • Brickie sand can vary in colour but is generally yellow.

Product Composition

  • Yellow Brickies Sand, a premium choice for brick and block construction, is renowned for its ‘fatty’ composition. This term ‘fatty’ denotes the sand’s elevated clay content, which, akin to fat, repels water, resulting in a stickier and more malleable texture when combined with cement. The recommended mortar mix ratio for Yellow Brickie Sand is 6 parts sand to 1 part cement, ensuring superior performance in your construction projects.

Product Benefits

  • Base component for brick mortar mix or jointing cement
  • Can be used as paving sand as it compacts well due to a higher clay and fine silt content
  • Used in domestic and industrial building construction
  • 6×4 trailer approximately 0.6666 m3


Product picture is for illustration purposes only, products may vary in colour and/or consistency in real life.


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Trailer Load Guide

6x4 Standard Trailer Loads Per Cubic Meter*


1 3 1.5
2 6 3
3 9 4.5
4 12 6
5 15 7.5
6 18 9
7 21 10.5
8 24 12

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