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Dsatco Triple C Eco Mulch 100L


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Triple-C is a blend of cereal crops (collectively known as corn), chicken manure and canola. It is a nitrogen-rich and water-retaining mulch that has the ability to keep soil 5-10 degrees cooler, saves valuable water, adds pro-biotics to your soil and has the capacity to reverse non wetting soils. Organic matter in our mulch breaks down slowly and nutrients are easily taken up by your plants. Triple-C will enhance your soil biodiversity, adding vital soil microbes and minerals essential for plant growth. The structure of this mulch provides food, moisture and protection for the life in your soils.

  • Organic
  • Unique formula for WA gardens
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Compressed 100L bag
  • Light brown colour
  • Composted to ensure that the mulch is weed, seed, and disease free
  • 100% WA owned and sourced material
  • PH 6.5


DSATCO Triple-C mulch is easy to apply. Just tip out the contents and spread over the desired area. It should be applied 40-50 mm thick on the garden, leaving 100mm around the base of plants and then water thoroughly after application. This will flush the micro bacteria into the soil for almost instant results. Improved plant health is noticeable within just 3 days. Wear a mask and gloves and keep product damp while applying to avoid inhaling the mix.


100L Eco-bale covers 4-5m2 at 40-50mm thick. The Eco-bale is packed tight and convenient to place in the area of use.


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