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Hy-gen Coco Peat Brick 5KG 70LTR



HY-GEN® COCOPEAT is a 100% natural coir hydroponic growing medium and sourced
from some of the worlds largest cocopeat producers. It is prepared and
processed under strict guidelines to meet high standards and quality.

HYDROPONIC GENERATIONS’s Chemist and Owner has reviewed internationally
certified processes and formulated a unique buffering process. This ensures
consistent quality in each batch, meeting the highest standards. HY-GEN®
COCOPEAT batches are regularly laboratory tested to ensure they meet the
analysis listed on each bag. This is a guarantee of quality in the same way
the analysis is listed on each bottle of HY-GEN® QUALITY NUTRIENTS.

HY-GEN® COCOPEAT is pH stabilised to maintain steady pH conditions around the
root zone. Calcium / Magnesium are used to buffer

the cocopeat to assist in conditioning and to eliminate nuisance chemicals
such as sodium. HY-GEN® COCOPEAT is compatible

with soluble coco specific nutrients such as HY-GEN® COCO GROW and BLOOM
two-part formula and CORNUCOPIA COCOGROW and COCOBLOOM single-part formula.

HY-GEN® COCOPEAT is great for the home gardener and large-scale commercial
growers. It’s suitable for a broad number of crops and can also be used as
bedding for worm farms since it does not contain any added harmful chemicals.

Natural & Biodegradable

Calcium & Magnesium Buffered

Excellent Drainage

Low Salt

Ph Stable

Premium Quality

Suitable For Hydroponics, Seed Raising, Soil Improving And Potting Mix

Suitable For Vegetables And Flowers

No Harmful Chemicals Added

High Water Holding And Air Fill Porosity


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Hy-gen Coco Peat Brick 5KG 70LTR

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