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Hy-gen PK Top Up 1LTR



Improves yields

Strenghtens cells in roots and fruit

Improves buffering capacity

Potash, Phosphorus and Trace elements

Designed to boost Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K) and Trace elements levels
during the flowering and fruiting stage. After renewing the working solution,
during the first few days, plants absorb P, K and Trace elements at a rapid
rate. As levels fall, the growth rate begins to slow down. Using PK Top Up
regularly gives your plants a continued supply of valuable Phosphorus,
Potassium and Trace elements when it’s needed most.

When to use:

Using PK Top Up once flowers begin to form. PK Top Up is suitable for all “run
to waste” and “re-circulating” systems. Regularly flush your system to prevent
nutrient and plant wast build up.


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Hy-gen PK Top Up 1LTR

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