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Verigrow All-Purpose Fertiliser


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Verigrow All-Purpose Fertiliser & Soil Improver Verigrow Is A World-First Innovative All-Purpose Fertiliser And Soil Improver Made Using 100% Australian Low-Grade Waste Wool.
Verigrow Features:All-purpose fertiliser and soil improver
Sustainable and biodegradable green product.
Made from waste wool
Contains valuable amino acids
Suitable for all plants
Can be used all year round
Can effectively be applied to soil and/or foliage
Best results from regular application
Verigrow is manufactured by an Australian private company.
Verigrow is suitable for:Horticulture and broadacre
Home Gardens
About Verigrow
Verigrow is manufactured by an Australian private company. It is an innovative all-purpose fertiliser and soil improver made using 100% Australian low-grade waste wool. Wool is a sustainable and rich source of amino acids (more than 75% of wool is made of amino acids). Verigrow contains an organic (from amino acids) and an inorganic source of nitrogen (12% w/v total N). The inorganic nitrogen provides an immediate source of nitrogen while the organic nitrogen provides a slow-release and longer-lasting effect.

Benefits Of Amino Acids
Amino acids are the building blocks of life. The benefits of amino acids for plants are numerous and have been studied by several research groups over many years. The summary below is extracted from peer-reviewed scientific articles but is by no means comprehensive.

Amino acids help plants combat stress, improve flowering, increase root mass, activate natural defence mechanisms in plants, and enhance photosynthesis by increasing the chlorophyll concentration. They also promote nutrient absorption and stimulate the essential metabolic activities in the plant. Most amino acids are also charged enabling them to attract water molecules and therefore help with water retention.

Amino acids are valuable feedstock for microorganisms and are biodegradable via natural pathways. They improve the beneficial microflora in various ways, such as, by strengthening the outer walls, allowing them to withstand harsher conditions. Happier, stronger microbial colonies help produce better nutrient uptake, as well as a more extensive and healthier root system that can fight diseases and maintain effectiveness in adverse environmental conditions.

It takes energy for plants to synthesise the amino acids required to create those cells using primarily nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK) from fertilisers. This happens either directly by incorporating such elements in the amino acid structure (e.g. nitrogen) or indirectly by exploiting such elements to activate enzymes (e.g. potassium) or build the energy currency of cells (e.g. phosphorus). The presence of amino acids in Verigrow therefore negates the need for high levels of NPK fertilisers. Providing plants with supplementary amino acids save plants energy, which they can utilise elsewhere. This helps maintain not only vigorous growth but pest and disease resistance as well.

Independent Studies
Independent studies have shown that Verigrow is significantly better than a market-leading brand in improving various plant health parameters. These parameters include biomass, plant height, root mass and NDVI (a measure of ‘greeness’). The study found Verigrow was 2 to 5 times better than the market-leading brand in every parameter measured.

How To Use Verigrow
Verigrow comes in a concentrate. Dilute Verigrow 1L in 100L of water prior to use.

Home Gardens
For a 1L or 5L bottle, use a capful for every litre of water. Ensure thorough mixing prior to use.

Horticulture And Broadacre
For a 20L, 200L or 1,000L, add 10L of Verigrow to 990L of water in an IBC container. Ensure thorough mixing prior to use.

Verigrow can also be fertigated, dribble banded, foliar sprayed (eg grains and cotton) or applied using a boom-spray.

10L of Verigrow diluted in a 1,000 IBC container has a coverage of approximately 1 ha.

When To Use
Verigrow is a flexible product and fits a wide range of farming practices. It can be used in higher doses, less frequently, or lower doses, more frequently.

Verigrow is mixed with water during its application and can therefore be used in any season, wet or dry. Verigrow can be used prior to seeding to improve the soil condition, during seeding or after seeding.

Pre-plant application can be beneficial. It allows the nitrogen to penetrate below the top layer of the soil where it can later be accessed by crops.

We recommend use every 4-6 weeks; however, Verigrow can be applied more frequently to further improve yields.


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