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The Benefits of Using Mulch in Your Garden

Over the years mulch has become an essential part of every garden’s survival. It offers many advantages not just to the plants in your garden but to the gardener as well.

So, what is mulch?

Mulch is from a German word origin, “molsch” which means “starting to decay.” In essence, most mulch materials are biodegradable, hence, the meaning. However, It can be made of organic and inorganic components.

Mulch is a protective layer spread over the surface of the soil surrounding a plant or tree. It can be made from wood chips, grass straw, old newspaper, organic compost, coconut peat and dried leaves.

The best thing about using mulch is the many benefits it can provide to your garden.

7 Amazing Benefits of Using Mulching Your Garden


1. A Good Choice for Weed Suppressants

One of the top benefits of mulching your garden is it prevents unwanted weed growth. In most cases, weeds are considered the archnemesis of plants, trees and gardeners. Not only are weeds unsightly but they also steal the nutrients meant for your plants. It is then advisable to eliminate the source of their growth.

A good thick layer of mulch prevents weed seeds from getting into contact with the soil. In case some of these seeds get through the mulch, no amount of sunlight can get past them for the seeds to germinate. Mulch is a good weed suppressant as it prevents the weeds from even setting their rooting system.

A Good Choice for Weed Suppressants

2. A Nice Thriving Partner for Plants

 If you are using organic mulch or at least a combination of organic and non-organic mulch, you can be sure that your plants are getting more nutrients than usual. Generally, organic mulch decomposes over time which offers to improve the nitrogen and carbon dioxide in soil.

Nitrogen is a good source of protein supply that helps plants grow new tissues. Carbon dioxide, on the other hand, helps boost flower and fruit growth in plants. By using mulch, you can help your plants thrive better, stronger and more vibrant.

A Nice Thriving Partner for Plants

3. It Holds Soil Moisture


Another top benefit of using mulch for your plants and trees is it maintains the moisture level of the soil. Mulch creates a protective layer that prevents the moisture from evaporating keeping the soil nutrients intact for the plants to enjoy.

When the soil is bare, you will notice how easily the soil gets drier even in the morning. If you spread a good layer of mulch around the plant, you don’t have to worry about losing soil moisture right away. And you also don’t have to bother your friendly neighbour to water your plants during your out-of-town trips.

It Holds Soil Moisture

4. The Best Protective Blanket for the Soil


Mulch is truly the best protective blanket for the soil because not only does it retain moisture, but it also shields the roots of your plants from extreme weather conditions. It protects the soil from frost during winter days and it also maintains a cool temperature for the soil during hot summer days.

The Best Protective Blanket for the Soil

5. Transforms into a Valuable Humus


If you are using organic mulch, you will notice how this gradually decomposes, increasing the organic matter and creating “humus” in the soil.

Many gardeners believe that humus is the holy grail in the world of gardening. It is the black organic component of the soil. While many people think of it as black soil or compost, the truth is, it is not. It is a soil composition that is rich in nutrients such as phosphorus, ammonium, calcium and magnesium.

As the mulch decomposes into humus, it acts like a sponge that absorbs and holds about 90% of moisture in the soil. This makes it a good material for deep or wide-rooted plants.

Transforms into a Valuable Humus

6. A Great Pest Repellant


Another benefit that you and your plants can get from mulch is a pest-free garden. Bark chips, pine needles and other organic mulch contain natural oils that most bugs and insects are not fond of.

If you see your plants losing their leaves due to insect or bug infestations, using mulch can help repel these pests. However, not all types of mulch can prevent infestation, so it helps if you seek a good recommendation from your trusted mulch supplier.

A Great Pest Repellant

7. Adds Aesthetics to Your Garden


Lastly, mulch offers beautification to your garden. Whether you use organic or non-organic mulch, some types of mulch can help enhance the aesthetics of the garden.

Many landscape designers use mulch not just to suppress weeds or prevent bug infestation but also to add some colour and texture to your garden. Some good types of mulch to decorate your garden include woodland red mulch, Jarrahwood chip mulch, and hardwood chip mulch.

You can use the mulch to cover the barren soil in your plant beds, pathways or terraced landscapes. In some cases, they can also help fill the gaps between the stepping slabs and garden borders.

Adds Aesthetics to Your Garden

Start mulching up your garden and enjoy these amazing benefits. Not only can you prevent weed growth or bug infestation, but you can also improve the landscape of your garden.

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